Details Details

The existing sidewalk was extended with a new pour that reaches the two firehouse doors.  Trim has also been added to the large door which provides access to the large bay.  

Look closely.  There’s a mechanism to ring the bell!



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2 Responses to Details Details

  1. Gene Johnson says:

    You are on the ball – and quick. Good job. gene


  2. Cris Gerard says:

    This is so close.  Painting is next week.  Firemen are going to do that –   The driveway/walk way to the bldg. will be poured on 8/31 and the last couple things for now will be the bench and street light next to the new drive/walk way.  After we know about rain there will be sod between the orchard and the firehouse….last will be sod between the church and firehouse.  They are working now on the museum pieces that will be displayed inside.   We’re planning now for the Community Tree Lighting on 12/5.  Firehouse will also be lighted.  Same street fair as last year only expanded in activities and area covered. There will be a small parade.  Would be fun for our dogs, so I’ll get us entered.   Thanks so much! Cris


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